Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soooo Coold

It was 36 degrees today....goodbye beautiful fall. We had a great weekend, and perfect fall weather before the big storm on Monday. Mom and dad (Frenken and Franks) joined Zack and I for a pre-Thanksgiving and some Utah exploration! We took the tram up to the top of Snowbird mountain (11,000 feet)...where it was something like 30 degrees with 35 mph winds. Light sweater weather of course. It was so much fun to stiffly run around on the top of the mountain, as all of our joints were quickly frozen, and see the beautiful city and valley below covered in snow :) Haha, I got off the tram and mom and I were instantly hit with tons of wind, and I felt a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation moment coming fingers had already turned purple and lost feeling. We all had a great time together, joking and laughing, sharing stories, going to church, and being destroyed by the Franks in Yahtzee... :( I say it was beginners luck!

At the top of Snowbird Mountain :)

Monday = 1st snow at my new house!! Interior pictures soon to come!

Emigration Canyon...on my way to Zack's house. Don't worry mom...I was driving really slow.

Zack's Mansion of a house :)

Zack and I concluded the family weekend with a celebration of our 2 years together!! :) ...Let's just say I'm a blessed and loved girl.

**Lady Antebellum pics with Natalie and Rachel plus my new home will be up shortly!
Miss you all.

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