Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am loving this rainy weather! Rather...the ten minutes or so that it rained the other day :) I busted out my rain boots of course, and sported them to work proudly. The only requirement to work at the bakery is to have closed toe shoes...it says nothing about rain boots! So...even though I was inside during most of the storm...I felt so powerful! Like nothing could take me down...there was nothing I couldn't handle. Of course there are not many puddles in our shop, but there is just something about rain boots that give me an extra boost of confidence in my day.
I LOVE the Fall colors :) but I'm excited for more storms!

Last Few Weeks Update:
I got stung by a bee for the first time in my 22 years...and only slightly panicked remembering when my family friend Brandon got stung terribly on the back of his neck as we were playing on the beach as kids.
I got a contact with the photographer and makeup artist for our bakery, to do a shoot for our possible 2011 pin up girl calendar!
I am being trained to become manager of the bakery...
And, I am cutting my hours at the restaurant so I can be at Dough Girl full time.
I still haven't been able to move into my apartment...but am being promised to get in by the end of the month!
I hiked down Snowbird mountain which was...cold! but beautiful and fun to be with friends :)

Not too much has changed since my last update...I am playing with the idea of getting sick/maybe its allergies?? but either way I'm working a ton right now, so it wouldn't surprise me. Next week I will start full time at DG so I'm hoping my sleep schedule will get back to normal.

Also next week, I will be done with work by 630pm so 530 to all you Californians! So please call and we can finally catch up!

This weekend: Carving Pumpkins!! :) And Hip-Hop/Hipster Roller Skate Party for Melanies going away!!! So excited...look again next week for pictures!

Starting to miss home...I woke up in the middle of the night last night and tried to put something on my night stand...I definitely do not have a real night stand next to my bed here.

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