Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So one thing that I love about Zack is his fresh laundry/cologne/body wash (???) smell. Whatever it makes me want to hug him :) Also...I love his super soft shirts! Not sure of the brand...but they are nice too :)

Anyway, I was out browsing with Mallory and found Zack in a comfy pair of socks! Not just picturing him wearing them...but really...him ON the socks.

<--- Check it out!

Do you see the resemblance or is it just me?!
I had to get them for him :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


On Saturday, Zack and I joined some friends for a tailgating party before we hit the U of U game. Neither of us really follow sports...but we do love to participate in the festivities of it all, so we were sure to act like die hard Utes fans :)

The game was sooo exciting!!!! There were tons of people there, all dressed in red, with giant U flags and much enthusiasm. Each game is held in the stadium where the Winter 2002 Olympics were held...just to give you an idea of the masses of people and super exciting crowd.

It was really nice to be able to relax, and have some down time this weekend :) Last week was my first full week of working at My Dough Girl, plus starting training at Biaggi's. They were long days on my feet, which I'm still getting used to, but the quick pace of it all was definitely exciting. Right now I am working at the bakery from 11-4pm and come home to quickly change and turn around for serving at 5pm.

One of the days last week I burnt a batch of cookies :/ and got in trouble a bit...but at the same time it wasn't completely my fault cuz I wasn't being shadowed. I have simply jumped into working at the bakery...and ask questions along the way...but haven't been officially trained as to working with our tempermental oven. Thank goodness for the new one coming soon! :) I hopefully won't burn anymore. Did you know that a cocoa dough cooks faster than a regular dough?!

At the restaurant: by the end of the day I feel like I have walked all around Disneyland. My managers are super nice, and the people I work with are all uniquely quirky :) which makes things fun and the night go by fast.

Last weekend after the church BBQ in Park City, we went to the outlets on a hunt for work pants and found the perfect sweater for me at GAP to complete the matchy-matchy couple stereotype! If there isn't one...we created it :)

Annnndd! I found a place to live!!!
This amazing condo near the Capitol building in SLC: with a garage, personal washer/dryer, dishwasher, alarm system, balcony and bbq...the works!! At an incredible price too!!! WHEN CAN I MOVE IN?! :)

...more to come

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So much to catch up on!!

I got TWO jobs in one day!! :)
I am now a server at Biaggi's Italian restaurant at Gateway, and also the new Dough Girlette at My Dough Girl!! So exciting!! I have been so blessed already, and have only been in Utah for two weeks.

The day I heard about Biaggi's, my friend Mallory was going to take the Sips and Tips class (about alcohol serving) so I quickly joined her and am now certified as well. I still have to get my Utah food handlers license, but orientation starts TOMORROW so I assume they will give me more information :). I have my man shirts and sexy black non-slip grandma I am all ready to start!!

My Dough Girl didn't waste any time on training! The owner called me Thursday evening and I started Friday morning at 8am! It was a nice long, busy, and exciting day! I'm going to love it there! The girls I work with were all telling me that this Friday was a super busy day to start: we had a large order for a wedding, so baked about 32 dozen cookies, plus two other smaller orders, plus baking to fill and refill the front of our store for customers that like to come into the store in groups of 20! :) I definitely got thrown into the mix and have started off strong I feel. On Saturday, Natalie and Amber and I worked a booth at the State Fair selling cookies, which was fun but not as productive as we had expected. This was Dough Girls first time at the fair, so it was sort of a trial run with a change in location as well as target market. Dough Girl usually sells at Farmers Market on Saturdays, and sells out of 12 dozen cookies before noon, and the fair just wasn't so productive. We ended up trading some cookies for some bomb tacos :) and our owner closed our booth early. Ending the day at 5pm instead of 9pm, the girls and I decided to walk around the fair for a bit! Enjoying the classic Pig Races, the smell of fried foods, art, are some pics from our day!

Enjoying some country music :) I noticed that nothing will stop these Utans from dancing! (Notice the man with the oxygen tank on his back)

Also, as we wandered the dairy section...we found that Cows are the most comfortable seats...and balloon hats are for best friends!

There was a cow sculpture made out of BUTTER...

...and then the largest cow at 5'5'' and weighing 2060 lbs!!

Some other fun things that happened this week:
*Watching Andy and his band play at the Chili Cook-Off fundraiser event for the homeless.
*Running and toying with the idea of joining Utah's first all women's half marathon for breast cancer in October.
*Becoming addicted to House with Zechariah Franks and purchasing the first few seasons to catch ourselves up for this weeks premiere.
*Going bowling and tying scores with my boyfriend :)
*...AND attending our church's BBQ at a beautiful park near Park City!!

**Tonight: Family dinner and Bunco at Melanie and Mallory's house! :)

So far with my work schedule...or lack there of...I have Monday's off :) so I drove by and called about 7 apartments for rent and will be touring one tonight! I have not gotten home sick yet, although so much has happened for me these past two weeks so I predict my time is coming once I settle down more. Life so far in Utah is beautiful, and exciting meeting new people and enjoying the many outdoor activities!!

I wish you all could come and visit me soon!! But until then, here is the view from my room of the cute little house I am staying at!

Happy Monday!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Reunited :) and it feels so good!

I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah just a little over a week ago now and I am enjoying every minute of it :) best friend is here...but I have already made friends at Capital Church and have a close running buddy too!! I have been job hunting, and may have already found something...but am waiting to hear back :/ and have gotten involved in the towns festivities. This weekend Zack and I went festival hopping, including the Avenues Street Festival and the Brazilian Festival down at Gateway, and later this week I will be trying rock climbing with my friend Mallory!

Tonight: VMA Party with my boyfriend!

It's laundry day.

...and my clothes are still not dry...stupid dryer!