Monday, November 22, 2010


Lady Antebllum concert...i forget if i already wrote about this...
24 hr trip to surprise Bee Larson and Kiel P for their engagement :)
Chocolate Show with DG at Orson & Gygi.

The greatest job ever!
I worked all weekend at a Chocolate Show hosted by Orson & Gygi, and got to serve fresh cookies out of a display kitchen. The workers there were so nice to us!! We got free Harry Potter tickets :) and got to have a nice double date! And they made us speciality coffee drinks every morning from the built in coffee maker in my kitchen!! You will be sick of reading this blog if I went on about how amazing this place just check it out yourselves :) ...Every girls dream.

Long, long drive to California...and we didn't kill each other :)

No Pressure to get engaged as the only dating couple at the party...HINT HINT ;)
We are so happy for you two and loved being able to share this special moment with you both!!

Water show in Vegas and Coffee break on the way back to Utah! The weather on the drive back started to feel more normal as we were hit with fog and snow. We had stayed a night at my brothers that weekend and woke up in the morning with near heat exhaustion from the great difference. Haha...we had definitely left my house with two pairs of mittens on, and drove away from California with a tank top and the windows down. I LOVE SEASONS

What does it say?!
At the time this was a good idea. We got off the freeway and couldn't read the sign...but I guess with a camera flash anything is possible.

Loved it!!

Natalie and her friend Rachel and I went to the concert together and had sooo much fun! Their friend Kimball met us there and we all just laughed and sang and had the most exhilarating time. This kid next to me (about my age) turned to me during one of the songs and screamed with excitment, "This is my favorite song!!!" and so of course i turned to him as well and just screamed with excitement for him!! :) hahaha...he made me laugh so hard, I couldn't resist going along with him!

Life since...a blizzard is coming tomorrow. This is definitely a year of new things for me. Graduation, Africa, Utah, New Home, Snow, Blizzards...what next?

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'll be home for Christmas!

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